Dover Dooldes Rehoming is now CLOSED until further notice. This business is changing hands in the new year and the new owners will not be rehoming. 


I offer rehoming with a difference. I am a private business that funds everything myself, which means I'm not a charity, organisation or shelter. I am council approved with licences & fully Insured rehome dogs.



I advertise to buy people's dogs privately which means they are not rescue or abused dogs. They are dogs that need rehoming through personal circumstances like, partnership break up, new work commitments, new move, new baby, ill health (owner not dog) etc. I do not work in the same way as other re homing shelters/organisations because of this.

I collect the dogs from their previous home anywhere in Kent and some surrounding areas (travelling up to approx 2 hours) this gives me a chance to see how they behave in their own environment. I sit down with the owner and go through a questionaire to help the new owners. They are required to sign a contract to say the details they have given me are correct and honest.  

All my advertising is mainly done online through my facebook group and using major pet sites. I post photos and record short videos where possible with the dog up for sale with a brief description of the dogs background. It would then be up to the facebook group members to step forward and enquire about the dog with details about themselves to include their home, family and any work commitments.  I then match the dog with the family that is best suited, you may be the first to comment on the post, but you may not be the best match for that particular dog. 

Once matched, I arrange a home check with you and bring the dog with me. I offer training with you and your family to make sure everyone is happy. If all goes well on the day the dog can be rehomed there and then as I act as an Agent only being a middle man to ensure all dogs are safely transported and settle into their new homes. 

The great thing about this group is that previous owners get to see where their furry friends have gone, as the new owners are asked to update the group with pictures of their dog in their new home with their new family. This puts people's minds at ease even in tough times of giving up their dog. It's not easy to let go sometimes due to circumstances, however, here at Dover doodles I promise to hold your dog's paw every step of the way until they have found the perfect forever home.

Please note that prices will vary depending on how much I have paid for the dog to start with, the amount of training needed, micro-chipping, grooming, food, boarding, petrol to collect, home checks, training the new family, advertising, marketing and admin. Some dogs will cost more than others especially if they have paperwork. All dogs will range from £250-£1200 each.


I have a Facebook group for DOVER DOODLES ONLY where I specialise in Rehoming Cockapoos & Labradoodles of all ages.  I also rehome Doodles and Poodles and may have the odd pedigree dog for sale. If you wish to join please contact me with your full name before asking to join as you may not be accepted straight away. You can tap on the picture above to take you to the group.  



Do you need help rehoming your Doodle or Poodle?
Have you found yourself in the unfortunate position of having to rehome your dog?
Want to know where your dog has gone?
Would you like peace of mind with photos of the new family?
Then look no further as I have families waiting for a dog like yours.

Hello and welcome to Dover Doodles where I specialise in Cockapoos and Labradoodles. I do get asked for other doodles and poodles so I would be more than happy to help with them too. I have my own Facebook group with lots of pictures, videos and stories for people to look at so you know who I am and what great work I have done and continue to do.

I have lots of very happy clients who have used this service and would happily give testimonials. I travel anywhere in Kent and surrounding areas (up to 2 hours) and in some cases further. The pictures you can see are some of the dogs who have already found their new forever homes.

ABOUT ME>>>>>>>>>>
I am the owner of Dover Doodles and I provide a very private and personal service which makes me an agent (the middleman) to ensure your dog gets the perfect 5-star home that they deserve.
I am council approved with licenses and fully insured to carry out these services.
I am Level 2 in Dog Psychology & Behaviour with the UK Dog Whisperer and hold a certificate in Puppy Training, Kennel Operator, First Aid, Microchipping, Dog Scanning and Animal Reiki healing.

Firstly, I am not a charity, organisation or shelter. I am a privately funded business that funds everything myself.
Secondly, I do not have rescued or abused dogs which means how I work is completely different to everyone else.
I provide a service that makes sure rehomed dogs are never rehomed again by providing training to all new families.

WHAT I OFFER>>>>>>>>>>
I offer to hold your dog’s paw every step of the way from the moment I pick your dog up to the moment they are rehomed, and it doesn’t stop there as I provide lifetime support and advice after.

WHAT I LOOK FOR>>>>>>>>>>
I’m looking to buy dogs due to personal circumstances and due to no fault of their own. It may be due to new work commitments, a partnership break-up, ill health from owners, owner has passed away, moving into a flat and can't take your dog with you etc.

MY FEES>>>>>>>>>>
Obviously being privately funded I have costs to cover, and it would not be a successful business if I didn’t charge for my services. Don’t panic, I don’t charge the original owner anything. We simply agree on a price for me to buy your dog and my fees will be reflected in the resale of your dog in my Facebook group.
My fees may include the following; Petrol, Travel time, Grooming, Micro-chipping, Crate Training, Walking, Boarding, Feeding, Health Checks, Neutering/spaying, Home checks, Re-training your dog from learned behaviours, Training families in the new home, Provide equipment, Admin, Paperwork, Marketing, & Advertising.

Your dog must be in good health with a recent check-up from your vet with a certificate to prove as I will be rehoming your dog on the same day. Please make sure your dog is in good health as you may be liable in a court of law if found giving false information. It would be unfair to the new owners to receive their new dog with problems and can be very upsetting for all involved. I also require a print out of your dog’s history from your vet, this can be sent to my email address and will be kept in the unlikely event of a dispute.
You will need to provide me with Photo I.D. to prove who you are on the day and that you live at the collection address.

I would need to know if there has been any behaviour or health issues as not declaring this may result in you footing a bill to put things right if proved otherwise.

Unfortunately, I do not offer a lot to buy your dog because of costs involved, however, if your dog comes from good lines with a vet card, pedigree papers from parentage and health tests I can pay a bit more. I also accept FREE dogs if you just want your dog to find the right home in the right hands.

If you are happy with the service I provide then please feel free to contact me with as much detail about your dog as possible. Once we have agreed on a price (if any) and a collection date, I just ask that you take down any adverts that you currently have displayed elsewhere. This is because I get to work straight away with families who are waiting and it’s not nice to let them down once they get their hopes up if you were to change your mind or sell elsewhere.


A contract will be signed to say you agree with all the above terms.