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Dover Doodles has been under new management since 1st Jan 2019. Dawn is a 4 star licenced breeder who specialises in Cockapoos in the Dover area of Kent, UK and welcomes you with open arms and a warm heart.

This family run business is well established and has many years of experience and training. They take pride in weaning beautiful happy and health tested puppies.


All puppies are brought up in the family home with their mum who is also a family pet. Mum can be seen when visiting and you can see more videos and pictures in our Facebook group as well as here on the website.

We hope you enjoy the training video's below which was just some of the work we captured on video.

Finding the right dog... FOR YOU!

Willows litter - Cockapoo Puppies (3 weeks old)


Here is a quick video of mum Willow from a previous lotter after she had been out for a toilet. The puppies were asleep until mum got up and moved which woke the puppies up.


They were very hungry and waited patiently for mum to come back in, as soon as she did, they could smell her milk and rush to suckle on the nearest teet. It doesn't take long for them to feel full up and go back off to sleep again.


Willow is such a good mummy, she has lots of love by the whole family when she leaves the puppies to sleep.


All the puppies in the video above have found their forever homes and now live happily with their new human parents.

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Puppies for sale
Puppies for sale

Are you looking for a happy and health tested puppy? Then you've come to the right place. Click on the picture to see what puppies are currently available. 

Previous Litters
Previous litters

Click on the picture to see previous litters, how they have grown and what their coats look like now.

Rehoming with a difference
We did Rehoming with a difference

We did some fantastic work with rehoming, however, we don't do this service anymore and hope that every dog finds their perfect home and is loved as much as our dogs are

Pack Training Cockapoo Puppies

Meg & Jake (4 Months Old)

As a responsible dog breeder, I took back two Cockapoo puppies back in March 2014 due to a marriage break up. They are brother and sister from the same litter.

Meg is the red girl and Jake is the parti colour boy. They was with me for 3 days and was left to settle in before I started training with them.


This video shows you how to train your puppy although I did have the help of mum and dad who are already trained in this area so learning off the pack was much easier.

How To Introduce Your Puppy To Lead Training

MAX who is a F1 Miniature Patchwork Merle Cockapoo Boy has come to me to further his training along with 4 other siblings when they were 10 weeks old.


He is 13 weeks old here and ready to go on walks. This ideally should be done at week 12 weeks to give him a week to get used to the lead.


So many people make the mistake of putting a lead on their puppy expecting them to walk when the puppy has no idea what you expect from them. 

How To Make Doggy Ice Cubes For Hot Heather

How to make puppy and doggy ice cubes overnight. You can make some giant size ice cubes for dogs by adding toys and treats to make it more fun and also gives them mental stimulation at the same time.


These puppies thoroughly enjoyed themselves. How creative can you be? 

5 Cockapoo Puppies Age 11 Weeks Sit And Wait For Their Meal In Under 10 Seconds 

How cool to have 5 puppies aged 11 weeks old to sit and wait for their meal. They must all be sat nicely before I release the food.


The time they wait can be gradually increased to give them further mental stimulation. Cockapoos are such quick learners.

5 Cockapoo Puppies Age 11 Weeks Take Themselves To Bed In 30 Seconds

5 Cockapoo puppies aged 11 weeks have taken themselves to bed in 30 seconds. They are so well behaved in the crates as they wait for lights out.


I always leave a toy in the crate and some bedding as this is a bedroom only and not for food or drink at night.  


This will only encourage them to go to the toilet during the night which will lead to crying and barking.


Dogs do not like to toilet where they sleep. 

How To Introduce Your Puppy To Recall

Meet MAX who is a F1 Miniature Patchwork Merle Cockapoo boy who is learning recall for the first time.


It's important to make this really enjoyable and fun to build up trust or your puppy will not believe you nor will they trust you.


You have to be the most exciting thing in the park when they get distracted so getting this bit right is key. 

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